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Crystal & Brian — Minted




Wedding Party

Jessica Girard

Matron of Honor

Jessica is Crystal's older sister. She is an incredible inspiration and role model to Crystal. From childhood laughter, to teenage drama, and navigating adult life - Jessica and Crystal have been a dynamic duo . They shared their engagements together, and on the big day Jessica will stand beside Crystal as Matron of Honor just as Crystal did for her. They are sister's by chance, but friends by choice.

Matthew Melito

Best Man

Matthew is Brian's little brother. As they have evolved from their childhood days of toy robots to their shared interests of Xbox games in their adult life - Matthew and Brian have chosen to become friends first, and brothers second.

Mackenzie Rougeau


Mackenzie is Crystal's very best friend of 10 years. They met in Advanced Placement Psychology class, and clicked with each other instantly. Mackenzie & Crystal are always down for an adventure with each other and trying new things together. Through thick and through thin, Mackenzie has been a staple in Crystal's life.

Nolan Hickey


Nolan is Brian's very best friend of 6 years. They met in college working for MCLA's computer helpdesk. Their personalities are one in the same. From long nights of video-gaming to late night conversations over camp fires, Nolan never fails to make Brian laugh a little harder.

Ashley Satko


Ashley is Crystal's coworker and best friend of 3 years. Ashley and Crystal met by happenstance through a professional environment, and quickly realized they could not be more alike. Ashley and Crystal share each other's crazy energy, and have a friendship that is unbreakable.

Nathan Jette


Nathan and Brian have known each other for their entire lives. They played little league baseball together and have talked about cars since their matchbox days. Nathan recognized Brian's love for Crystal long before Brian knew, and is single-handedly responsible for convincing Brian that he should ask Crystal to date him in middle school.

Olive & Hazel

Dogs of Honor

Olive & Hazel are Brian & Crystal's pride and joy. They are so full of love for their Mom & Dad. When Brian proposed to Crystal on Christmas morning in 2021, Olive proudly sat next to her Dad as he was down on one knee. These two goldens could not be happier to celebrate the marriage of their Mom & Dad.